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No where in the US Constitution does it say that only men can vote. Go read it. So WHY did it take a constitutional amendment for women to vote? The 19th amendment was ratifies in June or 1920 by the majority of the states, which was what it took. Alabama ratified the 19th amendment in 1988. Sweet Home Alabama my ass.

Grand opening of If You’re Scared of Me Now, Wait Till Im Dead Revision 4 August 20016!


I am doing research for my new book,’Alice of Green Glade‘.

I will be exploring the issues of “White Male Dominance”. Is it We the People, or We the White Male Masters?

I will try to present the pure and unadulterated, non premeditated, love that I see on a daily basis in my LGBT community, which of course happens all the time in the heterosexual community as well.

Not a love which has to happen in a manner as dictated by the White Male Masters, who feel that they are the god given masters of the universe, and that that scepter between their legs legitimizes their rule.

Is it love, or not? If it happens, it happens. This is a natural phenomena, not a legislated one.

Am I the only one sensing a real and fake here? Let’s look at divorce statistics.

And the whole world yelled, “HOOOOOO RAYYYYY!!”

Women wrote, marched, and practiced civil disobedience for 40 years for the right to vote. Research the papers at that time. The legislatures all white males, “We can’t let women vote! They don’t know anything. It will destroy the country.”

Well, did it?

Then it was give blacks the same civil rights. Did it destroy the country?

Then we can’t let gays marry. It will destroy family values. Did it?

Do you see a pattern here?

Also being explored in this same work will be why humans have to escape to nature to relax. What went wrong with the world that they created, and what, if anything can be done about it.

Lisa Gene Cox

Let the adventure begin!


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